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CP 112

01 Exercitus-Dei : Al-Quariah

02 SxTxAxLxKxExR : Expendable Friendship

03 Dolorism : The land of Milk and Honey

04 Rosarium² : Commilitones_Christi_Templique_Ultimi

05 Valerio Orlandini :Threnody

06 TSIDMZ & Dark Royalty : Gloria ai Martiri

07 Darmstadt 1313 : De Bayreuth à Beyrouth

08 Pale Roses : The Black Knight of Qalat Sinjil

09 Septimo Romae : God save the warriors of Hezbollah

10 Barbarossa Umtrunk: Army of Mahdi ( walked in line)

11 Barbarossa Umtrunk & Septimo Romae: Fight the Islamic State

12 Primordial Avantgarde : World Civil War 1

13 Zorya Legionis: Mortem

14 Barbarossa Umtrunk :
 Les 7 Tours du Diable

15 Cydonia : Rijâl al-Ghayb


Being conservative does not mean to be attached to the past. Means to live and to act according to the principles of eternal value"

Music is the nearest art to philosophy when it is holistic, as holistic should be Philosophy, and when it is not just an entertaining, but also when it is contemplative and when expresses and releases the Platonic Ideas inside the matter.

In this way Art, and especially music, can "see" and interpretate the whole inside the Eternity.
So it's impossible for Art not to be also "political".

Political, not with the low modern (anti-)political slogans, not with the unaesthetic post-modern politicians faces,
or not with sectarian policies of the post-modern democratic parties. When art is mixed and contaminated with these elements, it is not true and holisitic for the simple reason that this is not true and real politics.

Art expresses the eternal and traditional meta-political policies; as every little action we do everyday has a clear "political" consequence and "political" meaning, and even more so does Art and everything that move energies.

So if art is Art, it has to watch at the present in all its forms, without loosing the holistic sense of whole, and as further has to stand on the side of the victims of the post-modern politics (that is more an anti-politics) and to always recall what really is and means Eternity."

Tetsuo (alias Uomo D'Acciaio)

"In the Middle East just Lebanon, and not the state of "Israel",
is the only true democracy in the real meaning of the term.
 A country with half of the population Christian and half Muslim living side by side with Druzes and other minorities,
a small country heroically resisting with a number of refugees that is in proportion superior to everyone else in the world,
 a beautiful and prosperous country in spite of treacherous neighbors and terrorists all along his borders.
 It is at this country, Lebanon, and at his sister Syria,
 that the world should look as the highest examples of coexistance and hope for the future."
(Alessio R. Pinna - Rosarium²)

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